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Creativity + Travel + Courage

Creativity + Travel + Courage has been the theme of my blog since 2002, and sums up my life mission: to dare to make my life a creative adventure and to inspire, encourage and support women who want to create more, stress less and take meaningful, once-in-a-lifetime creative journeys.

Some of these journeys do not even require you get on a plane or leave the house! Read on!

Italy Art Workshop & Tour

At the Creative Passport to Italy workshop we’ll be staying in the ancient hill town of Orvieto, where we’ll eat (and learn to cook) Italian food, shop at a traditional market, go wine tasting, and lots of other fun stuff — and document our adventures in a unique travel journal. Anyone craving pasta yet?!

Hurry, though. Just 2 Spaces left in the Italy workshop!

Day of the Dead in Mexico – Art & Workshop Tour

Next Fall, in Oaxaca, Mexico, you can celebrate Day of the Dead with me, and learn to document your travels with photos, art, writing and collage, in the Creative Passport to Mexico, workshop, October 27-November 3, 2017. No experience in art is necessary to attend.

This workshop sells out well in advance. Right now there are 4 spaces available.

We’ll be at Art House Oaxaca, my retreat and artist residency space. If you want to stay longer, or book a stay for another time, be my guest with your own room, bath, and work space.

Lisa with paintbrushes

Creative Life in Mexico

Art House Oaxaca is an artist residency for workshops and private retreats I’ve created here in Oaxaca, Mexico. (Oaxaca is pronounced Wa-ha-ka, and is both a city and a state, like New York, NY).

Simply, it’s the place I wish existed everywhere I travel: a light-filled guest room with my own bathroom, a place to work on my writing and art, 3-prong outlets, window screens, a bigger studio space in case I really want to throw paint around or write outside, a hammock, a wonderful onsite cafe where I can get coffee, tea or a coconut or almond milk cappuccino, fresh green juice, and the list goes on…

Art House Oaxaca is a place for artists and art lovers to stay for a week or longer. If you teach workshops, it’s perfect for your group. We have 5 rooms, double occupancy, to host a total of 10 people at once. The workshop space accommodates a larger group, so people can stay offsite, too, and still attend your workshop.

One of the things I love best about Oaxaca (and it’s a very long list!) is the colonial architecture feature the buildings have of being hidden behind tall adobe walls. When you enter through the arched doorways, it’s always a surprise to see gardens, and interior patios behind the entry patios.

It’s a city of secret gardens and hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Magical.

Online Creativity Workshops for All

It’s a worldwide virtual art date, and you’re invited!

The Creative Sketchbook shows you how to effortlessly combine word, image, collage and photography to create richly layered visual journals, and learn about the Creative Journey Method.

Four weeks, next session begins March 20, 2017.

The Creative Sketchbook is a prerequisite for The Creative Journey Facilitator Training held once per year online. The next training begins in April and is limited to 14 participants.

Journey: 30 Day Journal Project

Journey: 30 Day Journal ProjectThere is a brand new 30 Day Journal Project on right now!

This is my passion project, designed to get millions of people around the world writing together.

Keeping a journal is a powerful healing tool when we know how to use it that way. I’ll show you my methods, for FREE in the 30 Day Journal Project.

This is the 4th year I’ve offered the 30 Day Journal Project. Each year has a theme.

Our theme for 2017 is Journey. Fasten your seat belt, this is gonna take you places!

You can sign up for free, get more info, and learn about the previous years’ themes on the 30 Day Journal Project page.


Right now, Art House Oaxaca is humming with visiting painters, photographers and art journalers. I’m so thrilled to host kindred creative spirits and direct them to my favorite places.

What are you happy and grateful for today?

Blog + Studio Diary

I’m trying a new experiment of sharing my creative process via video in my studio. You can check out the very first studio journal, Paint Fearless, here.

My latest blog post is here.

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Lisa Sonora with her rescue dog Bella

Bella thinks it’s time to get off the computer and go play in the park.

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