Lisa Sonora in her Mexico Studio

My art studio in Mexico with a wall of windows. I love good light!

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It’s February (already!), and it’s this month in particular that I so appreciate living in Southern Mexico, as opposed to those cold Chicago winters of where I grew up. It’s warm and sunny most days, and I can run around in flip-flops in the garden outside my studio and play with dogs.

bella & macchiato outside my studio

Bella & Macchiato holding space outside my painting studio this morning. I came out to photograph the angles of light.


Refresh & Renew Artwork

Refresh & Renew: Acrylic and collage on paper, 8.5 x 11 inches – by Lisa Sonora

Exhausted? Me too. 3 Things I Do To Feel Better (with downloadable art for you)

I’ve written previously about my struggles with low energy and fatigue. I’m not out of the woods, but in my so-called Low Energy Experiments, I’ve come up some things that really help me manage my energy.

I also made this painting because (spoiler alert) creating is one of the things I recommend most to combat exhaustion.

I’ve been using these methods with a vengeance, if you will. Waking up from not sleeping well and feeling like utter crap. And then purposefully doing these three things, just to make extra sure they really work when I’m convinced they won’t.

There’s a hi-res version of the artwork you can download, too. Get the art here >

Dreaming on Paper pretty graphicDo you have a dream?

Do you have a dream to make or do something that you haven’t done yet?

Every idea first begins with a dream, or some inking to create, grow, or heal that we don’t necessarily know quite how to describe or name.

I discovered how to follow my dream and even make a living from it, using this simple, yet powerful creative process.

It’s called Dreaming on Paper and begins on February 10.

Check it out here and make sure to reserve your space by February 9 if you want in. 

I’ve been working in a new studio space here in Oaxaca, Mexico, where my sweetheart Alex and I are creating artist residency spaces for intrepid creatives who want to visit.

To stay in touch with updates on our artist residency, studio sales, upcoming workshops and other goodness, subscribe to my blog and you’ll get everything sent right to your inbox.

Meanwhile, I wish you a beautiful February, wherever you are in the world.


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