My (low) Energy Experiment: Truths about working with ongoing fatigue

my laptop and spiritual guides for today as I write
There is so much I want to do and create, and the truth is, my physical energy just isn’t there so much of the time.

I’ve made a lot of “progress” in my health, and still, I struggle constantly with not having energy. With fatigue. And that creates a cycle for me of fear – because I get anxious about what would happen if I couldn’t work at all…

I don’t know where this will go – but I’ve been temped to write more about my inner journey as a creative entrepreneur that includes theses challenges. Not to complain or seek pity – NO!

I feel happy and grateful everyday AND frustrated by how no matter what I do to find a “cure”, I still never feel really GOOD physically, not that often.

Chronic lack of energy is like trying to live under water, or move against a current. That is even more exhausting. This morning, I just cried about it out of frustration.

When I write and create, I feel better — when I share and connect, even more so.

But what to share?

I do love reading blogs that share the challenges involved in whatever the person is doing…so I wonder…how can I do more of that and if so, what do people really want to read from me?

I’d love your help brainstorming

Thanks for listening and for your input on this.

You can help me brainstorm what to write / what to share / what you would be interesting in reading. Share your ideas in the comments.

I’d rather not make the comments about medical/healing advice or ideas – at least here on this thread. That’s a separate issue, so we’ll save it for the topic of remedies or something like that.


Notes from my journal:

Right now, we’re having a monsoon in Oaxaca City, and the smell of earth mixed with rain, and the sound of pounding rain soothes me.

Right now I’m letting go of my desire for MORE (as in energy), and just letting myself enjoy the energy that is here right now…taking all of this into the studio with me.

my laptop and spiritual guides for today as I write Devotion is what I am trying to write about today, after being awake most of the night in lucid dreams about you- the people I am connected with online.

Thought to take a snap of my writing space, there are mini altars like this everywhere in my home. Even the bathroom, a temple of letting go.

Devotion. It’s how I’ve always felt about writing and art and making a livelihood out of making a difference for the things I care about.

Devotion. It’s how I’ve pursued healing and all the strange journeys and seeming detours the pursuit of wholeness took me on.

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