thank you. for everything.

inspirational quote graphic gratitude, thank you

Thank YOU > for being here.

Did you ever make a mixtape* when you were in love?

That’s what I just did.

You see, I was in the middle of making beauty (writing & painting) and all I could think about were the people who read my blog, and all the gorgeous geniuses I’ve been working with lately, and how much I love and value the beauty we get to make together.

This is hard to put into words, (except for when I’m playing with making pretty quote graphics for Instagram) so that’s why music for you today.

Because of you, I get to do the work I do. I’m overwhelmed with love & awe for that.

So I put together a few songs that are always in rotation inside my “random goodness” playlist.

These songs remind where I came from—and to live a life of gratitude and appreciation for where I am now.

I can’t listen to them without feeling muchness of emotion (sometimes, unabashedly bawling my eyes out).

Besides sharing their gifts (many overcoming significant obstacles to do so), all of these artists use their work for good causes, too. I went looking for videos of their live performances, because of the emotion they convey.

Listen, and see if you feel more inspired to share the beauty you make with someone today. I hope you will.

inspirational quote graphic gratitude, "thank you for everything"

I am grateful for our connection.

Have you ever received a mixtape* from an admirer? Now you have.

*If you’re too young to know what a mixtape is, don’t worry. They’re back – digital style. We GenX-ers blazed the way with our Sony Walkman’s and cassette tapes.

I made many more “Thank you. For everything”. quotes, too but I think my old iPhone is dying because only these two made it onto the camera roll. Which one do you prefer?

Tell me

Do you have a favorite song, poem, quote that reminds you of gratitude? By all means, share in the comments.

Another gift for you

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ZOMG! We’re getting raucous in the comments. So I put another song in there. Thanks to Susann who pointed out my type which started this whole thing.

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