100th episode celebration and a give-o-way

This week I’m celebrating my 100th post here, and I’d like to invite you to celebrate with me, so I’m doing a give-away.

You know how TV shows make a big deal about their 100th episode? Yeah… that’s what gave me the idea.

What you can win: Registration in Creative + Practice  — I’m giving away THREE spots in the workshop.

How to Enter: Simply leave a comment on any post on my blog between today, April 15, and Tuesday, April 22.

Below, you’ll find a list of posts I’ve curated to help you learn more about what you’ll find here on my blog. Might want to go do one now, while fresh on your mind…

What I am looking for in your comment:

TWO things. Please include BOTH.

1. Share something that stood out to you from the post – something you learned, or captured your interest, or you would underline if it were in a book. Feel free to copy/past this part in the comments. Why did that part stand out to you?

2. Share one of your own creative challenges. What are you struggling with? What do you wish you could resolve once and for all? What trips you up in your own creative work or explorations?

I’ll select the winners based on the content of your responses. They don’t have to be long responses, but it’s definitely OK to ramble…I don’t mind. Thinking out loud in the comments, is encouraged! Just like in my workshops.

You may wish to comment on more than one post, which will help me see you and get to know you better — my higher purpose with this giveaway.

The better I know you, the more I can keep writing stuff that you’ll want to read.

Follow the links below and let the commenting begin! And hey, thanks SO much for sharing (and celebrating!) with me.

recipe for happiness by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, pretty graphic recipe for happiness

One of my favorite  poems, with journaling prompts for you

My 100th post, which first appeared in slightly different form in the 30 day journal project.


one of my sketchbook pages in progress "rest is a weapon"rest is a weapon

I dare you to shut your device right this second and go lie down.
I want to live in a world where being well-rested is considered normal. Subversive crafty project inside, in case sleep eludes you >


dwell time imageDwell time

In my experience, work-in-progress doesn’t look like much of anything.

It doesn’t feel like work.

It doesn’t look like progress. This is what it DOES look like >

extravagant treeIf you feel lost, try being extravagant

Did you know that the word Extravagant means

to “wander outside or beyond,” especially to wander outside the limits and beyond the rules we set for ourselves. read more >


practicing your artPracticing Your Art (and what I mean by ART)

…by art and work, these things are not limited to what you don’t get paid for, even if that is your aim.

And if your aim is to get paid to do your work/art, (or, art/work) then by all mean, keep obsessive notebooks documenting your experience. Like this >

ooh-la-la: lisa sonora visual memoir pageSketchbook as idea incubator. Or mirror of one’s obsessions?

All of my work as a visual artist, writer, and teacher incubates in the the pages of my sketchbooks long before it ever finds form in the world. read more >

for the traveler - visual journal of lisa sonora beamfor the (artful) traveler

When I’m deep in writing, I read a lot of poetry, and a lot of other people’s memoirs.

Includes the text of John O’Donohue’s poem, For the Traveler… one that I meditate upon quite a bit these days…read more >

Doing Creative Practice (In Bed)

 In this (g-rated, sorry if you were hoping for more!) video, I give you a tour of my latest sketchbook, show how I work portably, debunk a common myth about creativity, and somehow manage to include my recipe for vegan hot chocolate. All in three minutes or so. Read (and watch!) here >

The Visual (Art Supply) Packing List: Travel Hacks for Artists and Teachers
After fifteen years traveling across five continents teaching creativity workshops, I’ve learned a few things about flying with paint, not forgetting crucial items, and how to make packing easier. Read, and then share your tips with me (pretty please?) >

Paint Happy: Henry Miller’s Paris Notebook
Are you a writer who paints or takes photos? A visual artist who writes? A keeper of sketchbooks or journals? Do you write or work visually in your journals? Or both? Take a peek inside Henry’s art journal here >

Favorite supplies for keeping sketchbooks and visual journals

How I paint page backgrounds in my sketchbooks and visual journals

Dreams into reality. Why bother keeping a sketchbook?

 No Ordinary Moments & The Keeping of Sketchbooks

I Moved to Mexico: On Following Dreams & Reinvention 

The Reason Why I Blog

For a lifetime, I’ve kept detailed visual journals as a creative process for healing, problem-solving, inner excavation and exploration.

Until I was 23 years old, I kept my visual journals private. Then I started sharing my process with patients in the psych hospital where I worked as an art and music therapist. Then I started leading workshops outside the psych hospital, blending my experiences in art therapy, spiritual inquiry (lots of zen time in ashrams), and the the path of forging my way as a self-employed artist.

In 2002, I started by first blog, simply as a way of showing my work to my students. What I didn’t anticipate was how much blogging would connect me with a world of other like-minded artists, travelers, and seekers. People who want to create more, fear less, and find inspiration and en-courage-ment along the way.

p.s. Andrea over at Creative Dream Incubator is giving away a spot in Creative + Practice, too. Check out the video chat we did and enter her contest  here: http://www.creativedreamincubator.com/2014/04/15/interview-lisa-sonora-beam/

To participate in the giveaway – navigate to the posts you want to read, and leave your comments (using above guidelines) below the posts you are reading and commenting on.

My blog can automagically see recent comments on any post – so your comment won’t get lost. Enjoy!

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