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be a lamp…quote by RUMI

“Be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder. Help someone’s soul heal. Walk out of your house like a shepherd.”

— Rumi

At any given time, I think of creativity like this:

Creativity is a lamp.

It helps us navigate the dark. Turn the darkness brighter. Find our way through unfamiliar territory.

Creativity is a lifeboat.

It’s a place of refuge when when we’re surviving some shipwreck in our lives. It helps us flow gently downstream. It keeps us from sinking or drowning.

Creativity is a ladder.

Helping us out of one of those deep holes in the sidewalk.

It’s also a way to safely climb up and over tall walls that create a prison around us, like limiting beliefs, old patterns, bad habits, and outworn ideas.

The ladder can lead us up and out.

Have you even been inside of a kiva? Remind me to tell you a story about a kiva ladder.

In all of those places that are too small for us to live, to thrive, to be ourselves, this is where we need lamps, ladders, lifeboats.

Creativity helps the soul heal.

Especially during those dark times, when it’s a struggle to feel good.

Even with big resistance, the urge to create is an inner imperative.

The creative practice often feels the same, but different. It’s good to understand that.

Being able to harness creativity-on-demand is so powerful, (soul-healing) that it remains the foundation of all the work I do (as an artist, writer and business owner) and the work that I do with others (as a workshop leader and creativity & business strategist).

Soul healing is the higher purpose behind all of my work.

Whether we’re running business, writing a book, coaching, home schooling, or trying to blog about our experience, we need strong creative superpowers.

Especially when you’re number crunching, or trying to sell your stuff, or just trying to keep your head in the game when things are falling apart.

Or if you are struggling to “just do it”, but aren’t. And can’t for the life of  you figure out why. Or how.

We need a way to be gentle with ourselves and do our work.

If any of this is resonant, then take a peek at Bundle UP!, below. Through January, you can get a nice deal on the whole set of my three creativity courses: 7 Creative Powers workshop.  Creative + Practice and Dreaming on Paper.

This is foundation that holds up the whole house.

It’s three decades of work condensed into three online workshops.

It’s the work I wished I had when I was struggling to find my creative voice, worried about how to make a living— especially as a creative—and didn’t have any practical way of focusing my energies or ideas.

Today’s Journal Prompts:

If I were a lamp, I would…

If I were a lifeboat, I would…

To be a ladder means…

I can help someone’s soul heal by…

Try this:

Find images that represent the lamp, lifeboat and ladder (or draw or paint them) and put them in your journal.

How has your creativity been a lamp, a lifeboat, a ladder, in your own life?

Find evidence and put it in your journal.

And if you creativity has felt like the opposite of all those things, then I do hope you check out the bundle, or start with Dreaming on Paper, and see if it’s right for you.

Creating is supposed to feel good, and make you feel good when you do it. Not the opposite.

It’s the end of January: Time to Bundle UP!

Dreaming on Paper: The Creative Sketchbook, pretty badge

Dreaming on Paper: The Creative Sketchbook starts on February 11, and is now open for registration.

This online workshop is the foundational, prerequisite course for the creative entrepreneur workshops and facilitator training.

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Details are on my workshops page. BundleUp! is available through January only.

Why bother keeping an art journal or sketchbook? Yeah, I used to ask myself that from time to time, too.

 In A Manifesto for the Hesitant Dreamer I share more about what Dreaming on Paper is all about, and what we do.

In Case you’re just popping in today for the 30 Day Journal Project: 


Day 1 on this project is all about creative beginnings.

Here you’ll find an index with links to all of posts in this project.

Today’s post is Day 27 / 30: navigational tools

Have you tried Lazy Journaling?


Last year when I offered the first 30 Day Journal Project, I found that having the prompts printed out in advance helped me get right into my journaling for the day.

I think of this as lazy journaling. :)

Fill in the blank, and you’re done!

After I made these for myself, I prettied up the design (and added another layout) so you could use them, too.

This is what I’m using for my own journaling.

See a sample of some of my pages here 

There is another layout for cutting and pasting into an existing journal. I’ll share photos or a video of these at some point this month.

Get ALL 30 days of prompts & quotes (plus one bonus day) with 2 different layout designs.

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Beauty & Connection
Each inspirational quote for the 30 Day Journal Project has a pretty visual graphic for you to print out and paste your journal, add to your Pinterest gallery, or share as you wish.

You are invited to share your experience in the comments—the dream is to collect your stories for an upcoming book about this project.

Use the hashtag #30DAYJOURNAL in your blog and social media posts so we can find each other and build our creative community.

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