Beyond The Story: Exhibit Catalog

This is one of those moments, where, even before I begin writing, I know it’s going to take a conscious effort to rein in the exclamation points.

For those not aware, a bunch of my paintings (111 to be exact) are on exhibit in the USA – as part of a three-artist show called Beyond The Story: Exploring Visual Memoir.

Christine Martell, the artist who coordinated this effort, has just released a show catalog. It’s filled with stories, photos of the work of each artist, and an invitation for you to participate and interact with our work.

About a dozen of my pieces are in the catalog – and the rest will be up in a gallery here on my blog soon-ish. Yes, they are for sale, and you can let me know if one strikes your fancy before the shopping cart goes live. A couple have been already been spoken for.

I’m going to stop talking now, and just let you go enjoy the catalog — a work of art itself.

Enjoy, ask questions, share — and let us know what you think.

Love notes always welcome and appreciated.



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