The Netflix of Art Classes

To Do: Make some art today... and feel better.August is usually my month “off”. It’s when I take a big long drink from my creative well, and do a whole lot of luxuriating in my own art, without a project or deadline attached.

Just time and space to stretch out and play in the studio, with ample time to read in the hammock parked right outside.

But this August is quite different. Right now, I’m leading three online courses — that all wrap up in August.

Endings and completions are one of those parts of the creative cycle that can difficult to navigate, unless we learn how it can be done differently.

Anxiety, guilt and shame often arise at the end, because we judge our experience. There is a fear we haven’t done “enough” in the workshop, or perhaps even anything at all.

Do you ever sign up for online workshops and then get behind in the content?

Or have life get in the way and simply fail to even show up in the workshop?

This happens in my world more often that I’d like to admit. Forget finishing a workshop. Too many times, I’ve barely started before it’s over.

This is one reason why I like to offer unlimited access to my workshops. As long as the course is happening, I feel you should get to enjoy it when you can, and more than once.

Plus, I really value the magic of working with people over time. Many of my students have worked with me for almost 20 years now!

Starting in September, it gets even better…

Like Netflix, but for your creativity

You’ll be able to get workshops with me, and dozens of other creativity teachers online, it what I am affectionately calling the Netflix of art classes.

The Netflix of Art classes? Yes, Please!

Life moves so quickly, and the creative process can’t be rushed to fit artificial timelines.

Creative cycles demand much meandering and even seeming “idle” time. During this time we mistakenly think we’re “lazy”, or “blocked”.

Really, we just need to give ourselves a break and fill our creative well. And take our sweet time doing it.

Which is my plan for September. How about you?

by Lisa Sonora // share your thoughts... in the Comments { 6 }