Writual Blessings: A Beautiful Divination Deck for Writers *Giveaway*

wb-enjoy-talentsIf you’ve taken workshops with me or participated in the 30 Day Journal Project, you know that I’m a huge advocate (evangelist?) for creating with less stress and more joy.

For creating with more ease, and less stoppage.

And having more productivity and focus, and less procrastinating and fear.

But I’ll let you in on a little secret.

No one knows how to do this when they start out.

While we are taught the craft of writing, for example, is uncommon to be taught the art of creative practice.

If you keep finding yourself starting and stopping, but not finishing, or find it emotionally painful to create, then I want you to hear this: there is nothing wrong with you or your work.

It’s likely you simply have never been taught how to practice your work, or how to let your creativity nourish you, like food, like sunlight.

The good news is we can learn, and we can lean on others who’ve blazed the trail ahead to support us.

That’s why today I want to introduce you to one of my favorite creative entrepreneurs in the whole universe: Cynthia Morris.

picture of Cynthia Morris, with gift bag of her Writual Blessings Deck for writers

Cynthia Morris, creator of Writual Blessings, a 40-card affirmation deck for writers.

Cynthia is an artist, writer and writer’s coach who has combined this trinity of talents to create Writual Blessings, a 40-card illustrated affirmation deck for writers — or anyone who wants help to face the blank page.

Blessings like ‘Your words flow with ease’ and ‘Enjoy your many talents’ help us lighten up when we sit down to write.

Cynthia encourages what she calls ‘Writual’ – writing from a deep well of authenticity and flow. Her watercolor illustrations charm the socks off the inner critic, leaving us free to enjoy our writing.

What? Your inner critic doesn’t wear socks? Don’t worry, you’ll get to spill in the comments.

One of my own writing “writuals” is playing with divination cards – like tarot or angel cards. Before I write, I get quiet and pick a card, and let that steady my focus for my writing session.

When I saw some of Cynthia’s sketchbook pages on Instagram with her first sketches of of what would become these cards, I fell in love with her illustrations and uplifting words.

The image at the top of this post is one of my favorites from the deck. Well, they’re ALL my favorite. It was hard to pick just one image to share.

My own deck is on the way to me in Mexico, and I can’t wait to brew a strong cuppa, and pick a Writual Blessings card every morning when I write. It’ll will be like having my favorite writing coach right across the table from me.

Divinations and affirmations that support me to do my best work are an integral part of my own creative practice.

You can read more about Cynthia’s story as a novelist and how these beautiful decks came to be, and get your own deck (while they last – l understand they are a limited edition run) over at her Original Impulse site.  She’s springing for shipping through March 31st.

These are a perfect gift for your writing buddies, too, dare I say. You might want more than one, in case you want to share.

Reserve your deck at http://www.writualblessings.ink

a cirlce spread of writual blessings affirmation deck for writers

What a simply lovely divination / affirmation deck for writers!

Speaking of sharing…

Cynthia is giving me a Writual Blessings deck to giveaway. To enter, simply leave a comment here and tell me:What gets in the way of your creativity?

Feel free to say more: what you’ve tried, what helps, what you wish were different. Why you think you’re not doing it. It’s ok to ramble, think out loud, or riff. In fact, I actually encourage “rambling” because that’s where the gold is.

A random entry will be selected on Friday. Godspeed and thanks for being here today.

Oh, and a reminder that Creative + Practice (my most popular online workshop so far) is coming right up and there’s a big discount right now.

Yes, please!

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