one of my weird creative habits

One of the weird creative habits I’m aware of is something I’m doing right now:

Posting info about a new course on Friday. Usually Friday afternoon in the USA, when I don’t think anyone is paying that much attention to their email.

I call it a weird because it seems…well…somewhat odd to me.

Why would I go through all the trouble to bring something new into the world and then hope that no one really pays attention?

Hint: Four-letter word that starts with an F.

No. Not that one.


It makes total sense from a vulnerability stand point.

On the other hand, the part of our brains where fear resides from doesn’t respond to good sense or logic. It simply flees or fights.

When I first learned that about the reptilian brain, something relaxed deeply within. There was no reason to feel bad about not being able to talk myself out of fear.

My weird Friday Afternoon Launch-When-No-One-Is-Looking Habit is way to be at peace with the fear.

To allow myself room to have imperfect launches and allow my reptilian brain to freak out, while I go ahead and press send anyway. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s a good enough solution.

In my own perfect universe, there would be a genius marketing maven working with me behind the scenes to take my ideas, translate them into flowing sales copy, and then cue up the campaign so it arrives on whatever perfect day and hour you’re supposed to send these emails and posts out.

Since I live in no such universe, (or haven’t met Marketing Maven yet) and aim to Have No Fear of Imperfection, you’re getting this on Friday. Or geez, even Saturday (hello over there in Oz!).

This is what being a working artist looks like a lot of the time: imperfect, messy, disorganized in the marketing department. Lately, there is peace with that, too.

What matters most to me is making the work than selling the work. Sales matter, of course. But I simply do better and feel happier when I allow the majority of my creative energies to flow into making rather than marketing. Does that makes sense? I’d love to hear how you deal with this.

Another way to make all of this easier on my lizard brain is by putting out draft versions to you, my beloved readers first. If you have questions about the course or find errors, please let me know.

There aren’t even pretty pictures on the page yet…geez, even the buy buttons aren’t done, but it feels good to put things out and get feedback while they are in process. Creating is less lonely that way.

I’m boldly guessing that some of you (who are *ahem* caring enough to look at this whenever, thank you), care about this work and want to help me make it better, whether or not you care to participate at this time.

Oh, the new online course is called The 7 Creative Powers, and by golly, I’ve used all of them to bring this work to your inbox or RSS feed today. Which strikes me as kind of funny right now.

If you’re just skimming this:

1. The 7 Creative Powers (draft copy, open for registration)

2. What I said about Vulnerability

3. Happy Friday (or Saturday)

4. Thanks for reading this. It makes me happy to know you’re there.

Bonus: Share one of your weird (or not-so-weird) creative habits.

Paying attention to and learning what our creative habits are (whether they serve us or not) can help decide us do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t. With compassion.

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