The 7 Creative Powers: New Online Workshop Now Open for Registration (with bonus, hopefully helpful, rant inside)

I had planned to write something else to properly introduce this workshop. Since I work in real time, not ahead of time, here on my blog…you’re getting the raw, uncut version of what I really want you to take away. I hope you’ll take it away, whether or not you care about taking this workshop.

It’s the only way I can do this today.

Take Away This

Life—your life and time here—is limited.

You have something you want to make or do that you haven’t done yet.

Please go make a start.

There is something you are “dying to do“.

Or you want that feeling of living on fire with that kind of purpose.

Or you want to simply be present to what is, more than be worried or anxious.

I want for you to have what you really, really, really want. Whatever it is.

I want you to feel good in your own skin, and courageous enough to do that thing that is stuck in your craw…that won’t let you alone until you do it.

I promise you that there is someone in the world who will benefit from what you are making, from what you dare to share.

For the second time in as many weeks, I’ve lost someone close to me. Death came.

The person I was just drinking hot chocolate with the other day, the person whose stories I wasn’t finished hearing.

Death finds me today, waking up even more determined to live my own truth, to make what only I can make, and then dare to share it, as best as I can.

Daring to share. That’s, to me, the essence of Marketing for Artists. It’s always the damned hardest thing about my job.

I find endless reasons not to do it – and I suppose this is what Death…and The 7 Creative Powers is helping me do today.

This is my best offer for you. Nothing else really matters.

/// Inelegant Segueway Here ///

The 7 Creative Powers is a course that is seven years, maybe more, in the making.

I first touched on the subject of creative blocks (how to build with them and work with them, instead of letting them boss you around), in my first book, The Creative Entrepreneur.

Why I Made This Workshop

Like all of my work, it first flows out of what I needed (and need) for myself, as a lifelong self-employed creative who has somehow managed to eek out her living doing things I love…even when it’s hard to do the work.

You see, while I always knew I was destined to create, it took a lot of fits and starts and detours to finally find my rhythm, my path, and really listen to the call instead of pushing it away as impractical, irresponsible, impossible.

Have you noticed that the voice of creative blocks can sound like a very reasonable-sounding father figure?

I’m one of those people who can’t help but share what I’m learning, and what has helped me. I’ve been some form of teacher, therapist, coach…my whole career—whether I worked as a therapist, meditation teacher, intuitive painting trainer, or art director at an design firm. All of this alongside doing my own creative work as a visual artist, writer, and former musician…muddling through my own ups and downs with it for decades.

Alas, the path of creativity is not straight, narrow, linear. Nor does it rise in a continual upward trajectory of “success”, like what a “normal” career resume is supposed to look like. If the thought of your own resume or “success” in anything, not just creative, and including your life, makes you a little queasy, I hope you keep reading. Stay with me.

Why It’s Hard To Do Your Creative Work

Making something new is hard for a lot of reasons.

If what your making or doing is really new to you, then you will experience the very uncomfortable feelings of being disoriented and lost in the woods.

When we don’t know what we are doing, or how to do it, we will immediately begin to doubt the why of what we are attempting.

Doubt is such an uncomfortable emotion that it takes all sorts of forms that are hard to pin down (like the reasonable-sounding voice, mentioned above). In one feel swoop, we go from doubting what we are doing or making, to doubting ourselves.

Making something new lands us directly in unfamiliar territory. It is in this strange land where doubt and fear take hold of even the most sensible individual, even if they’ve produced significant creative work already.

This isn’t the end of the world, or your creation, unless you don’t have a way to manage doubt, and the other difficult emotions that give rise to fear.

Most people give up on what they are making at this point. Many who keep going only do so through mood-altering behaviors and substances.

Who This Workshop Is For

I made this workshop for anyone who struggles with letting doubt and fear stop them.

For people who struggle with too much emotional turmoil, or analysis paralysis (overthinking!) or plain old procrastination and avoidance.

For people who haven’t been able to “just do it”. Look. If it were that easy, we’d all be doing it by now, right?

For people who don’t believe that anesthetizing themselves should be the only way to make unfamiliar territory safe.

How This Workshop, and Body of Work is Different

There are so many good books and methods on getting things done, and even creative blocks and resistance. I believe I have them all, have read them all, have even studied personally with one of more of the authors.

My way of teaching and guiding is through designing creative tools and experiences meant to give people their own direct experience of healing and conscious awareness.

The main differences in how I work:

Your creativity (and mine) is used, experientially, to learn the material, meaning: we actually make and create something meaningful together. You’re not just reading, I’m not just talking. I’m guiding you through your own unique experience, using art supplies and actual blank pieces of paper, and I’m showing you what my creative process looks like, too.

I create a safe container to experience unfamiliar territory. The work you do is kept private, and off-limits of comparison or “feedback” from others.

We use our whole brain, including the emotional centers – not just the right or left – the whole thing: creative and strategic, intuitive and logical

Your emotional life and your feelings are important and incorporated into the work: these are usually left out, or even shunned, in so many methods

You’ll get not just get and inspiring workshop experience, but an entire roadmap to refer to again and again. It’s all in service of helping you work on your own, especially when your creativity has you in it’s teeth, or you’re lost in the woods. You’ll have breadcrumbs and a way back to yourself.

I’m not just a workshop designer or teacher or creativity coach. I am a working artist who is involved in the daily act of making and creating…and…having to sell what I make in order to support myself and my family. I’m going to share with you what’s worked for me, and for others who experience the ups and downs of creating and overcoming significant fear, doubt and resistance to do so. Teaching and guiding is what I do because I love it, and because it is a resonant part of my art. If I ever don’t feel that way, I’ll stop teaching.

/// Another Inelegant Segueway ///

The 7 Creative Powers Graphic

More details (my official salespage info, as it were) on the workshop and handy registration buttons below.
Update: Registration closed on Oct. 22. If you’d like to be notified of future workshops, please subscribe to my mailing list. Thanks for your interest!

Please let me know if you have questions – feel free to ask in the comments or shoot me an email (email is the slower route).

The 7 Creative Powers

Online Workshop with Lisa Sonora Beam, author of The Creative Entrepreneur

A Master Class in Understanding & Breaking Through Creative Blocks

Have you ever wondered why it seems so hard to make or do something new? To put your work into the world? To put a price on and sell on your work?

Or why there is so much fear, resistance, procrastination, struggle, and interference bound up with what we want most?

Have you ever felt like there was something wrong with you because you couldn’t “get over it” or “just do it”, or “feel the fear and do it anyway”?

There is nothing wrong with you, and you’re not alone in this.

A common motif in ancient cultures is that of the fierce deity standing at the entrance of the most sacred places, symbolizing the perilous journey toward what is most desired.

Since prehistory, all of humanity has been having the same experience: we must go past the threshold of fear in order to have what we really want.

Everyone who creates—or dreams of creating—faces these dilemmas.

But most people don’t pursue their creative dreams because fear holds them back. This is what saddens me more than anything: someone dying with their music still inside of them.

I want you to know that fear doesn’t have to block you anymore, even if you’ve started and stopped a million times before. That’s why I’ve created this workshop.

This workshop is about understanding what creative blocks really are and how to release them by harnessing seven creative powers that are easily accessible by anyone.

The 7 Creative Powers will help you:

  • Realize the ways you get stuck and how to get unstuck
  • Trust and express your own creativity more
  • Take inspired action in ways that work best for you

You’re a Hero. On a creative journey.

The Hero’s Journey, the basis of all dramatic storytelling, encapsulates the struggle of brave souls who encounter life-threatening trials as they come closer to what they want most.

In order to have what is deeply desired, the Hero must travel through unknown and usually frightening territory, confronting her deepest fears along the way. In order to get past her fears and battle the enemies, she must develop new abilities and strengths.

Fear is so clever that it takes many disguises. What’s really behind the fear is nothing more than a creative block, experienced as various negative or destructive mental, emotional, or physical patterns.

In fact, I like to consider the presence of fear as a clear sign we are on our right path.

Without the proper orientation to creative blocks, creating can seem impossible, or harder than it needs to be.

Your creativity is a soul journey. The old creative blocks become something you use to build with, rather than something that stands in your way.

This is path of the Artist – to take the things we see and feel and experience, and make something new that creates more meaning and connection: with ourselves, and with others who experience our work.

Who this workshop is for:

Anyone who has taken my foundational workshop: Dreaming on Paper, and wants to:

  • Create more, and fear less
  • Tackle a persistent creative block
  • Learn more about how and why these tools work
  • Experience more ease, flow, joy, and happiness around their creativity, instead of anxiety, procrastination, doubt, lack of confidence
  • This work is particularly helpful for helping professionals: therapists, coaches, teachers, and healers. Many have gone on to share the techniques with their clients
  • This workshop is a pre-requisite the Creative Practice Facilitator Training program, held online starting in 2015.


Dates: Begins October 23, 2014. Duration: Seven Weeks.

The workshop takes place entirely online.

When you register, you’ll have access to a special members-only area, where you can view the weekly lessons. You can also ask me questions and share your experience with me and the other students via the comments inside each lesson.

You’ll also get a course email every week for 7 weeks, that tells what we’re working on next and to remind you to come by the website and get that week’s content.

If you’re on the fence at all, please email me with your questions/concerns. I really mean it. Write! [lisasonora (at) gmail (dot) com]. This is my personal email address, and I read everything sent here myself.

You’ll get a total of 7 lessons, meant to be savored one week at a time.

  • We’ll take the entire 7 weeks to practice developing your 7 Creative Powers, one at a time.
  • Each lesson builds on the next, giving you a solid foundation for you can use for a lifetime.
  • Each lesson contains prompts and creative challenges designed to help you learn by doing

What you need to participate:

  • An Internet connection and email account to receive the emails.
  • A blank journal or sketchbook
  • There will be some simple art materials required — the same we used in Dreaming on Paper. Budget about $30 for your supplies. You’ll be able to find supplies online or at your local craft shop or office supply.
    View the supply list for this course here:

Pre-requisite: You must have taken the *Dreaming on Paper workshop in order to register for this course.

You can get the Digital Edition of Dreaming on Paper now to qualify and get ready! Yowza!

photo of lisa sonora beam in the studio

Your Workshop Guidess:

Lisa Sonora Beam

I want to help you give voice to your creative dreams, no matter what, no matter how long. This is your time.

As an artist, author, and business owner who has encountered (and still wrestles with) creative blocks, and as a creativity teacher who has supported thousands of others in the unblocking process, I’ve learned some useful ways to understand and meet this inevitable encounter with the fierce guardian deities standing between you and where your dreams and ideas.

Creativity is a soul’s journey. It requires courage and some good tools for either charming the fierce deities or kicking their butts.

To make this fun, and because I believe that real life is full of magic and mystery, I’ve titled these learnings The 7 Creative Powers. I couldn’t think of a better way to describe the information I wished I’d had all those years ago—when I thought something was wrong with me because I had so much fear around my creativity.

The creativity tools I share in this workshop have been a lifelong practice for me, one that’s supported me in every area of my life and work.

This work is practical.

This work is imaginative.

I first began sharing these this work when I was a therapist in psychiatric hospitals, with patients in treatment for substance abuse and eating disorders.

Since then, for more than 25 years, thousands of people around the world (on five continents and counting!) have experienced the power and magic of working with me at retreats and in workshops.

The goal with all of my workshops is to give your the most powerful and potent tools that I rely on every day in my life and work, and that have joyfully empowered so many other creative souls. I can’t wait to share this with you!

with love, Lisa Sonora


Why the *Dreaming on Paper pre-requisite?

Dreaming on Paper is the foundational workshop that introduces you to the process and method of this work. There is so much new material we are going to cover in The 7 Creative Powers, that builds on the techniques and philosophy presented in Dreaming on Paper.

I designed it this way on purpose, so that people who have already worked with me can get more specific help.

If you haven’t yet taken Dreaming on Paper, but want this workshop, good news!

I’ve made a lovely Digital Edition of Dreaming on Paper – that includes ALL of the workshop content.

You can get the Digital Edition of Dreaming on Paper now to qualify and get ready! Yowza!

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