Practicing Your Art (and what I mean by ART)


Journals and sketchbooks provide the best container I’m aware of for practicing your art.

By art – I mean, the work that you are doing.

And by work, this is not limited to vocation, or what you get paid for.

Sometimes our work is about healing our bodies, or resting, or taking care of others.

Sometimes our art is about learning how to trust our instincts, or be gentler with ourselves, or go through life with more ease.

And by art and work, these things are not limited to what you don’t get paid for, even if that is your aim.

And if your aim is to get paid to do your work/art, (or, art/work) then by all mean, keep obsessive notebooks documenting your experience.

Especially if you never believed in yourself or if you don’t think your art/work is as good as someone else’s.


My sketchbooks are where I practice my craft—of writing, of painting, poetry, photography, collage.

And where I keep detailed project notes of work-in-progress, as seen in the image above.

But first, my sketchbook are where I practiced staying alive against all odds.

I use the words: sketchbooks, notebooks, and journals interchangeably. Sorry if that is confusing.

Even after a lifetime of using these methods and practicing, I am still searching for the most elegant vocabulary for it all.

Make a list: What are some ways you might use journals, beyond just writing about the days of your life?


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