working like my dogs

Crappity crap – I forgot to cue up a series of reminders here on the blog about the 7 Creative Powers workshop that starts tomorrow. Today is the last day to register.

Instead of just leaving it at that, now that you’re here…

I’ve been trying to work like my dogs

I’ve been on an *almost* analog sabbatical over here, and I’m doing my best to really and truly relax, rest, rejuvenate. Turns out I’m not so skilled at this.

The new dogs in my life are my master teachers right now:

  1. They sleep a lot. A LOT!
  2. Every time they get up, they do a nice, slow stretch. Downward dog and all.
  3. They play when they’re not sleeping.

macchi-strawMacchiato wants to have whatever I’m having. Caught him trying to drink my water.bella-window

This is Bella (short for Isabella Estrella Chispas Maria Guadalupe Vasquez Sonora), who we just adopted a couple of weeks ago.

When I’m cooking, this is my view out the kitchen window in the guest house area (our bungalow not having it’s own kitchen). Bella likes to peek in and see what’s cooking. In this one, Macchiato is unusually mellow in the background.

Apparently, Bella is the number one girl puppy name. So there goes our originality.
Estrella is the word for star in Spanish, and Chispas means chips, like chocolate chips.

Her creamy coat is sprinkled with stardust, or chocolate chips… but who wants to be thinking about chocolate chip cookies (or their dough) every time they call their dog? Even if one of these days I perfect a vegan chocolate chip cookie that is edible.

We had a whole list of possible names, for her (thanks to all who posted ideas on my facebook page) and just started calling her Bella, because that’s the one she answered to.

On a more ambitious morning, I brought the yoga mat outside when it stopped raining. Macchi keeps plopping down in between my sun salutes. Or else he tries to climb on top of me when I’m stretching.

If I don’t put the yoga mat away, the dogs think it’s their best dog bed ever. At least they’re not trotting off with it and trying to bury it in a yoga mat sized hole they’ve dug in the backyard.

Back top prepping for 7 Creative Powers, and the rest of my sabbatical. See you on the other side.

This morning I woke up full of renewed creative energy in the wee hours, a sign this particular type of magic is working for me, even with all of my resistance to taking time off.

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