hole in the wall: video studio tour (before)

studio door before

Behind this creaky, broken down door…

That little hole-in-the-wall place…

we use that expression in the US to describe non-fancy (even ugly) places that are really repositories of some treasure. Usually in the form of culinary or artistic delight.

Often located just off the beaten path, I’ve used this phrase to describe by favorite Indian Chaat place in Berkeley, my friend Ruben’s used bookshop in Oaxaca, and dozens of other discoveries around the world.

Today I want to show the place that Alex and I have been working on building out for six months. We feel in love with the place the moment we discovered this dilapidated house in one of our favorite neighborhoods in Oaxaca last summer.

It took about six months to track down the cousin of the neighbor next store whose uncle was looking after the building for his mother. Or something like that. There were dozens of intermediaries, which is a snapshot of how things work around here.

This video shows you what looks to be a disaster area… but I assure you it’s a preview of what’s becoming of our little hole-in-the-wall place.

We’ve made a lot of progress, but aren’t quite open…yet. *sigh*

I keep trying to take photos of the changes in progress, but there is always a big mess somewhere. Especially in my studio space, which has been used as the staging area for everything while the cafe is built out.

But if you like construction photos, lemme know and I’ll share.

The space should be more camera-ready next week.

Likely, my studio space will be ready just about the moment I leave for the US to teach in June. Of course!

what "work" looks like at my workshops

This is what “work” looks like at the workshops. It’s a fabulous way to make progress on your work…while relaxing into your creativity.

a big headline to let you know that June workshops are nearly FULL

Speaking of that, the June workshops (there of three in total, offered individually or bundled, here) are pretty much FULL – there are just a couple of spots left in each workshop, in each location (except for the NC weekend, which has four spaces free, I think).

This is the only time I’m teaching in the US this year. Just want you to know so you’re not disappointed if you were thinking of coming but haven’t decided yet.

If you have questions about the summer workshop series, please email me. Don’t be shy.

If I don’t see you in the US in June, then you’ll just have to come to my studio in Mexico… stay tuned for that invite.

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