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a screen shot of my intention for the day

The intention that guided today’s writing.

Today I’m bringing you behind-the-scenes in my business to show you something I’m working on for a new project.

This video (and the transcript, below) is something I’m using as a real-world case study with “the Guidesses” in my Creative Entrepreneur facilitator training program.

Take a look and a listen, and if you want to participate, I’d really value your input.

This is first draft material, so the message is not refined. As I copied and pasted the transcript, I already saw about ten things I want to change.

I’m keeping it as it is, so you get the benefit of seeing how this evolves, which I’ll share in a future post.

Feedback Requested

If you have 10 seconds:

1. Share what stood out to you as you listened / read. What really resonated? Copy/paste the phrases into the comments.

If you have 2 minutes:

2. Share WHY those particular phrases resonated for you.

If you are inspired to share more:

3. What does being a creative entrepreneur / creative entrepreneurship mean to YOU? What challenges do you face as a creative entrepreneur? What do you wish were easier?


The video features work done by participants in The Creative Entrepreneur workshops.


The Creative Entrepreneur Method is a holistic way of designing and launching products and ideas because it provides extremely practical and strategic tools that make business successful, while taking exquisite care of the psyche and spirit of the person doing the making.

Whenever we create something new, or even attempt to think about making something new, we naturally feel vulnerable, and this usually remains subconscious.

This is why relatively so few people feel empowered to act on their ideas.

Technical knowledge of how to do business abounds, but unless we can move through fear, doubt, resistance – all of the business how-to’s in the world won’t help us turn our dreams into reality

How we feel (emotionally, physically, psychologically) is as important as how we plan and what we make—the process of creating is integral and necessary, not just a means to an end.

Feeling bad in any way indicates a need for regrouping, healing, clarity, and focus — all provided by having a sturdy creative practice. There is nothing wrong with you.

When a creative person “fails” at business we take it personally and thing there is something wrong with us, or that we aren’t talented.

Feeling bad is simply taken as a sign to do, think, or feel something differently. We apply critical thinking and inspired action as remedy.

Just like an athlete or musician needs to work out and practice, the artist at work needs a creative practice that is regular and free of judgement from others: we are experts at making space to explore the landscape of the imagination: private, sacred, safe.

Making meaning matters: we create out of disturbance as much as inspiration, wanting to make a difference for the things we care about drives our desire to create.

Creativity is the domain of all: everyone can access and use their creativity, in business, art, and life. All we need are a few simple tools, methods and a way of working.

Art is not just what hangs on walls in museums. Artfulness and artistry are the basic gestures we all bring to the way we live and work.

The ultimate work of art is you, your own life, and what you make out of it. To be who you really want to be is a journey more than a destination.

Entrepreneurship isn’t just about business. Entrepreneuring means being able to communicate your ideas so that it’s easier to connect with the people who resonate with your ideas and work.

Resonant communication begins within. Inner clarity and focus easily flows when we apply creative practice methods to strategic planning, critical thinking and emotional unblocking.

Love, kindness, generosity, and cooperation are our sustainable operating principles.

Success isn’t a linear, ascending path of increasingly important achievements we can spell out in bullet points on a resume.

Success isn’t limited by what other people, our culture, or society decides matters. Success isn’t something you can necessarily see by looking only at what appears on the outside.

An artist defines success for herself first—and that might mean the luxury of time and space to create, heal, go to school, volunteer, work at home so she can be with her children, care for someone who is dying, or travel the world. Or all of the above.

For The Creative Entrepreneur, success means having Health, Wealth, Wisdom, Beauty, Creativity and Courage as she defines them on her own terms.

A Creative Entrepreneur is someone living and working artfully. Her definition of success will be as creative and as individual as she is. And it will always be changing and evolving.

The natural rhythms of nature are cyclic, seasonal, with ebb and flow. Being alive and becoming who you’ve always really wanted to be is the ultimate work in progress.

An artist / creative entrepreneur will only feel successful if what they are doing matters to them and the things they care about.

Money isn’t the bottom line of how we measure success, although making money matters and so we take that seriously.

The Creative Entrepreneur Method provides strategic, practical, imaginative tools for making ideas real to anyone who wants to live, dream, create and prosper on their own terms.

The Creative Entrepreneur Method helps you make a life and work that you love.


It’s the season of giveaway’s over here, so I’m going to pick a comment on Monday for a spot in Creative + Practice, which starts on Tuesday.

Monday, April 6 Update: Thank you to everyone who participated in this conversation. Really, we are just beginning, and your input helps it unfold. Who knows what all this creative entrepreneurship is really about? It’s so new. We get to define it for ourselves. What an opportunity!

In the spirit of artistic acts of generosity, there are FIVE winners: Guylaine, Kate M., Melissa G., Stacey D., Patricia, Congrats! All will receive a free pass to Creative + Practice.

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