come in to my fray, I mean, cafe…a virtual creative feast for you today

Viajero Cafe, front patio. All that's missing is artwork, plants, and...YOU

Viajero Cafe, front patio. All that’s missing is artwork, plants, and…YOU

These past couple of weeks have been more of an intense swirling of my creative entrepreneur plates than usual…

so I’m just going to invite you into the fray and share what I’m working on and who I’ve been talking with.

1. The cafe is open!

Our plan was to open in stages with the coffee/tea treats bar first, with more food later.

We actually deviated from that plan for about a month, while we accepted a proposal from a baker friend to install his bakery oven in the front patio, along with a working kitchen, and oversee our menu development and train cooks.

We thought the small of fresh artisanal bread baking out front (with gluten-free loaves, of course) would be a great lure and add to the experience for visitors.

BUT: That didn’t work out. Long story, some drama. So we uninstalled everything, cut our losses and are regrouping. We are also documenting all the business lessons learned so far.

I like to believe a failure or mistake can always be reframed as a valuable learning experience and provide info on what to do/not do moving forward.

We whipped up a little Facebook page for the cafe last night, and it’s been a big boost to Alex’s morale to see all of your likes coming in. You can add yours, here.

It is one of those tiny things that means a lot to a first time business owner.

On creating things that don’t yet exists shares more of Alex’s story… with morale boosting love from readers.

Next step, getting my studio in working order. A lot of that will happen while I’m away in Spain next week doing a business retreat for myself.

2. Free Write Fling (what’s that?!)

Journaling and free writing are by most potent tools as a creative entrepreneur — and I dedicate a lot of air time here sharing as much as I can about that.

If you do nothing else…and by all means, if you can do nothing else, because stuff is in the way, then start writing, in a journal you keep absolutely private.

I just had a chat with my dear friend, Cynthia Morris about this amazing thing she does: Free Write Fling.

Cynthia and I became friends (in real life) after many years of knowing about each others work online. In so many ways, we’ve been on parallel paths, creatively and businesswise, while also satisfying our global wanderlust—and figuring it out how to have all of the above together, at the same time.

My favorite thing about doing the work I do is exactly this: getting to connect with people who feel truly like creative soul mates. There’s a lot of talk about finding your tribe…but I think your tribe finds you when you are doing what you love and are willing to share it with others.

Have a listen…

We talk about how to write ANYthing, and also the difference Cynthia sees between journaling and free writing.

3. Collaboration with Kindreds

I’ve created a compact, digital version of the Wisdom Journal live workshop, called Aladdin’s Magic Art Journal exclusively for the Spectrum: Holistic Creative Circle workshops.

When the creator of Spectrum, Hali Karla, saw it, she went ahead and signed herself up for the live workshop in North Carolina.

Best. Compliment. Ever.

Today, Hali posted an interview she did with me for her Holistic Creative Chat series. I share:

  • practical tips (and my new favorite free tool) for keeping a creative practice,
  • about my own chronic health issues and how that effects my creative energy,
  • how a regular practice offers guidance for times of transition and decision-making

On interview day I was feeling really under the weather, blindsided by a nauseating migraine, and was tempted to reschedule our interview when I felt better.

Listening to the recording today, I can hear my own low energy, but you may not notice anything. I just mention it because one thing I’ve learned over all these years of teaching, sharing…and artmaking is that I don’t have to feel good in order to do good work.

In fact, some of my best work flows forth when I feel at my worst, either physically or emotionally. So I’ve learned not be less afraid of that, and to be bold and proceed anyway.

Listen on Hali’s blog, here.

You can also check out the post Hali and I discuss in the Interview: My (low) Energy Experiment: Truths about working with ongoing fatigue

Thanks for hanging out in my corner of this swirling universe today.

p.s. The Wisdom Journal and Dreaming on Paper Dreaming on Paper workshops are offered with The Creative Entrepreneur Workshop this June in Portland, OR and Charlotte, NC. Take one workshop, two, or all three if you want to make it a long weekend getaway.

I’ll be flying to the USA from Mexico to work with 10 people (per workshop). Will you be one of them?

Getting away to work on my creativity and business is one of my rituals.

I’m going to Barcelona, Spain next week to do my own, so I’ll be extra on fire when I see you in June.

You can get the whole scoop on the June workshops right here.

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