Lisa Sonora in her Mexico Studio

My art studio in Mexico with a wall of windows. I love good light!

Hello Gorgeous Genius!

Thanks for stopping by my virtual studio.

fire-30-day-journal-project-po225It’s January, and I’m blogging every single day during the monthlong 30 Day Journal Project, and sharing my journal prompts and inspiration freely with anyone who wants to participate.

Follow the link to learn more and register. I’ll send you the journaling prompts, beginning with Day 1. 

My latest blog post is right here.

Do you have a dream?

Do you have a dream to make or do something that you haven’t done yet?

Every idea first begins with a dream, or some inking to create, grow, or heal that we don’t necessarily know quite how to describe or name.

I discovered how to follow my dream and even make a living from it, using this simple, yet powerful creative process.

It’s called Dreaming on Paper and begins on February 10.

Check it out here and make sure to reserve your space by February 9 if you want in. 

I’ve been working in a new studio space here in Oaxaca, Mexico, where my sweetheart Alex and I are creating artist residency spaces for intrepid creatives who want to visit. The photo above, is where I had my studio for three years.

The current studio isn’t quite photo ready. :)

Is it just me, or have your projects also been taking much longer to realize than you imagine they should?

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Meanwhile, I wish you a beautiful January, wherever you are in the world, and all good wishes for a very happy new year.

May 2016 be your best year yet, and may your own creative dreams flourish.

The world needs more creative dreamers and doers. More creative daring and bold experiments in creative living.

I’m glad you stopped by today.

Be bold, and proceed.

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