Gone Analog…Almost

GoneAnalog2This is an interruption of our regularly schedule programing.

In honor of the Autumn Equinox, and my September 25th birthday, I’m going on a short digital sabbatical.

I wrote a post back in January 2013, about the importance of honoring your own personal rhythm and need to restore.

You can read about the why and how to take a Digital Sabbatical here.

I plan to return to my blog October 20th, 2015, and am off email through October 6th. I may be posting sporadically on Instagram and social media, as it’s often fun to share without expectation there.

The 7 Creative Powers workshop starts October 1, so I’ll be there with the new cohort and all the grads who are attending again.

Now let’s go out and play!

In case you’re curious what I’ll be doing during my timeout from tech, here’s the lineup of Analog activities:

Sleep as much as I want, including frequent use of hammock

Read as much as I want. Especially reading for pleasure, not business or personal development.

Cook more labor-intensive vegan meals and treats, test out new recipes. The ideal vegan veggie burger, which has so far eluded me after so much experimentation, I’m looking at you. Also, fudge-like chocolate cake.

Play with our two rescue dogs. Macchiato just got a new companion the other day.

Paint in the outdoor studio. Going big!

Visit museums in Oaxaca. We have so many treasures here. Going to musuems always gives me that “I’m on vacation” feeling.

Unpack from our move to new living space on August 1st. I’ve barely caught my breath since January of this year, and the move has been good, but disorienting because I haven’t fully unpacked.

Prepare for a talk I’m giving to entrepreneur educators at a conference in Houston in October.

Travel to Houston for a few days.

Hang out with Alex, family, and friends with much appreciation and gratitude for all the love, kindness, and support in my life.

Yay for life beyond technology.

Your turn:

What is your favorite way to take a break from technology?

How about a favorite vegan veggie burger or chocolate cake (or cupcake) recipe?









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